Karen Buckley is a thought leader, invited to speak in the US and abroad.  You will leave her presentations ready to:

  • Apply ground-breaking insights to your industry and organization.

  • Think differently about your future, energized to step up and take different actions.

  • Understand and design for the dynamics of change, what engages and what frustrates you and your organization.

  • Identify bottlenecks to creative, dynamic leadership and how to transform these into promoting forces.

  • Explore your leadership edge, and turn your personal vision, what matters most to you into a powerful commitment.

  • Discover the competitive advantage of encouraging the feminine modalities in leadership.

  • Generate wise leadership in your self and others.

    Karen will customize presentations for your audience.

I watched Karen Buckley conduct more than one of her Wisdom Leadership Forums, “The Wisdom and Power of Women Leaders” where a merger acquisition lawyer cried as he witnessed women speakers fully and seamlessly integrating business and the common good into one way of being. Karen has the ability to touch this place in people. It is rare and powerful…and edifying in the deepest way.”
— Terry Mollner, Co-Founder and Board Member Calvert Social Investment Fund, Board Member Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc.

A Sample of Past Presentations Include:

“You create word pictures in the way you talk.”  Dick Buxton, Private Capital Corporation

  • Happiness and Wisdom in Times of Change, Rancho La Puerta, Mexico, 2018, 2016, 2015, 2013

  • High Performance Communication, Venture Pad Impact Hub, CA 2018

  • Next Octave Leadership, Women’s International Network Conference, Italy, 2013 .

  • Creating and Sustaining Leadership Resilience, Marin Women’s Hall of Fame, 2012

  • Feminine Wisdom and Power in Leadership, Women’s International Network Conference, France, 2011

  • Leadership Resilience, Linkage Women’s Conference, 2011

  • Women Leaders: A Key to our Future, Rotary Club, 2010

  • Women’s Wisdom at Work, Employee Assistance Professionals Association, 2008

  • Wise Women Leaders, Women Seeing 
    Beyond Tomorrow Conference, 2007

  • Building Readiness for Change, American Society for Training and Development, 2006

  • Seeking Balance: Feminine Wisdom in 
    Leadership, Young Women Social
    Entrepreneurs, 2005

  • Wisdom Leaders: Cultivating Spirit and 
    the Feminine, World Business Academy 
    Conference, Global Mind Change, 2003.

  • You Say You Want a Revolution?, Executive Women’s Think Tank, 2005.

  • Wisdom Leadership, The Myth of Power Symposium, Switzerland, 2004.

  • Harmonizing Wisdom in Leadership, European Bahai Business Forum, The Netherlands, 2004

  • Cultivating Wisdom and Spirit in the 
    Workplace, Institute of Noetic Sciences 
    Conference, 2003

  • Wisdom and Business, Spirit and Business Conference, 2002

  • Effective Meetings: Integrating Form and Heart, Towards Healthy Waldorf Schools Conference, 2001

  • Leading in an Environment of Change, 
    Santa Clara County Leadership Forum, 

  • Creating The Advantage: Intuition At 
    Work, with William Miller, Stanford University, 1989

  • Managing the Complexity of Change, Organization Development Conference, 1989

  • Organization Transformation, World 
    Business Academy Member Meeting, 

  • Visioning a Sustainable Future, with 
    Cathy DeForest, Organization Transformation Conference, 1985

  • Managing Complex Change, Leadership Symposium, Norway, 1984