Respectful Quality Dialogue

As we effectively talk together, we access a greater wisdom and new solutions to sticky problems. Communicore facilitation gets people talking, respectfully and collaboratively, so that they make smart decisions, solve thorny problems, anticipate the future, leverage what is working, and focus on what really matters.

Trained in the methods and principles of neutral facilitation Karen and her team facilitate small and large meetings, management retreats and team building for all types of organizations. We understand the value of collaboration to spark innovation and drive needed change.

Practical and pragmatic about getting to the results you want – Karen partners with you to improve meeting outcomes and efficiency, build effective group behaviors and teamwork culture, increase buy-in to new initiatives and plans, and boost shared accountability.

facilitating Collective Wisdom and Resonance

Why is it important to increase resonance to build collective wisdom? Two reasons:

  1. The entangled problems facing us today will not easily be solved by dissonance, or interactions that aren’t working together to build new solutions. Collective wisdom is generative:

  • Solves more complex messes than individual intelligence can.

  • Engages people, transcends differences and promotes positive new solutions.

  • Generates coherence to solve habitual conflicts and transform limiting agreements.

  • Pivots from repeating the past to creating a new future.

2. Each of us have an important role to play, a gift that is ours to bring. As we build, express and experience resonance internally we grow the inner side of leadership. Generating resonance:

  • Develops trusted and engaging authentic leaders.

  • Strengthens the ability to exude assurance and calm in the face of complexity and chaos.

  • Generates communications that carry more information that words simply convey.

  • Increases the knowledge and information available through intuition or direct knowing.

We look forward to speaking with you about how we can increase
the effectiveness of your conversations.

As a senior OD consultant myself, it was a real challenge to select a consultant for an important planning and strategy meeting for my own leadership team. While I have known Karen for many years, we had not had the opportunity to work together until recently when we were consulting with the same client. I was so impressed by her skills and approach that I realized I had found the best possible person to work with us - so I invited her on the spot. We have just completed that session and everyone agreed that Karen was extremely helpful - tough, kind, challenging, facilitative - knowing when to step forward and when to step back, keeping us honest, holding our feet to the fire as needed. I think those of us in our field know that working with colleagues in the same business can be a stretch and Karen more than fulfilled our expectations. We solved some problems, grew as a team, and know how we will move forward. I am very grateful to Karen for being such a strong and helpful guide.
— B. Kim Barnes, CEO Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc. and Author