Hearts and Minds Meet in Dialogue

Communicore brings out the best in leaders and organizations to leverage exciting opportunities and address critical challenges. For over three decades we have partnered with small businesses, non-profit, government and for-profit organizations to design change and build the leaders and teams who successfully create extraordinary action and generative leadership.

Extraordinary action results from a natural meeting of minds and hearts in the focused and authentic dialogue we moderate.

Generative leadership builds a powerful vision and the team to bring the vision to life. We develop wise leaders whose voices include more information than words simply convey; they carry a personal presence, a quality of confidence in the face of chaos and complexity. These leaders cultivate collective wisdom and accelerate effective action on emerging possibilities.

Who we are

Communicore is a San Francisco Bay Area based company founded in 1979 by Karen Wilhelm Buckley. Our extensive, multi-year work with clients demonstrates proven results developing generations of leaders, launching key initiatives and building business stability.

What we do 

Communicore will partner with you to amplify what is working as you align performance and priorities, form effective teams, solve divisive issues, and develop the executive leadership skills to design and lead through change.


Let’s discover how our consulting, facilitation, executive coaching and training can help move you, your project or business in the direction that matters the most to you. Contact us.

Working for the past 10+ years with Karen Buckley resulted in countless “deliverables,” and concrete positive changes. Karen helped me become a leader on my own terms and define what that means. Karen’s executive coaching with our team resulted in gains in expertise and performance as well as more success for themselves and the firm. Karen gives me the concrete skills and inner confidence to communicate my vision, inspire my team, set and achieve goals, design a path and follow it. Karen has been instrumental in developing our approach to wealth management that integrates expertise and empathy, through team meetings, a redesigned performance review aligned with our vision and values, and annual strategic planning retreats.
— Diane Bourdo, President, The Humphreys Group
Karen was an invaluable resource to our organization at a time when we were not only transitioning leadership, but also developing a more deeply connected team. Her role in aligning our staff to a new shared business strategy across the organization was a strong instrument for our future success. From the Board of Directors, to senior leadership, to all staff and key external stakeholders, Karen worked with me to develop a new framework on how we work together - based on working from agreements. With a President who traveled often, and a staff diversified over six locations, ongoing coaching of the team developed individual strengths and maximized performance based on clearly set goals and objectives.
— Lewis Perkins, President, Apparel Impact Institute, Former President, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
We retained Karen to facilitate our leadership transition as we were establishing a new leadership team. Karen was instrumental in developing the strategy for our transition, and continues to facilitate ongoing leadership development among the principals and potential future leaders in the firm. She has the amazing ability to notice the subtleties in our body language, communication style and interactions with each other. Karen was very honest about what she observed and kept us accountable to update our own mindset and behaviors. I’ve learned a great deal from Karen about what drives change, and how I can be a better leader by helping others to succeed, and by focusing on the key levers for results, not just the results themselves. We could get through the transition in leadership with reasonable results without Karen, but it would take a lot longer, with deeper bruises, and way more blood and tears along the way.
— Yi Yang, Managing Partner, Summit Engineering, Inc.

“How do leaders create a climate that fosters creative innovations, all-out performance or warm and lasting customer relationships? Organizations everywhere need to realize the benefits of cultivating leaders who generate the emotional resonance that lets people flourish.”

Daniel Goldman & Anne McKee