Communicore Consulting

Extraordinary action results from our focused and authentic dialogue in private and small group sessions.

Because we work to address underlying restrictions and strategically resolve issues - resilience, learning and the ability to innovate increase. Conversations of complaint become conversations of commitment and effective action.

Communicore’s work develops wise leadership with the skills, strategies, and presence to cultivate committed performance and effectively drive change.

Communicore Consulting partners with executives, teams and business leaders in a wide range of organizations that have included DuPont, Clorox, PG&E, Santa Clara County, EPA, McEvoy Ranch, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, The Humphreys Group Wealth Management and Summit Engineering.

Deliverables include individual and team leadership development, sustainable organizational growth, facilitation of key meetings, skill building, collaborative strategic planning, and planning for generative change initiatives.


Karen Wilhelm Buckley is Founder and Principal Consultant with Communicore Consulting Services. For over three decades, Karen and her team have partnered with key leaders in the public and private sector to integrate what is necessary for the success of the human heart with what is required for a highly successful business. Learn more at LinkedIn/Karen Buckley.

Karen is a published author and experienced speaker in high performance management, managing complex change, developing women leaders, meeting effectiveness, and developing wisdom in leadership at professional conferences, company off sites, women’s retreats, and universities like Stanford, CIIS and JFK.

In addition, Karen is also the Co-Founder and Director of  The Wisdom Connection and in the early 2000’s she founded a small non-profit, the Wisdom Leadership Initiative to initiate the study of wise leadership, still a passion today. While working with many men and women clients, Karen is devoted to developing women leaders and their feminine wisdom through international forums on The Wisdom and Power of Women Leaders, Next Octave Leadership Programs in Mexico and Women’s Wisdom Retreats in Switzerland and Hawaii.

Since 2012, Karen has convened an annual invitational women’s retreat on the Hawaiian island of Molokai for personal discovery and professional development. Karen’s retreats invite women to activate leaders who recognize the necessity of their wisdom, power and leadership for a sustainable, healthy and loving world, now and for the generations that follow.

Because of a passion for spirit-based whole-child education she co-founded the GreenWood School in 1992, an innovative Waldorf inspired elementary school.

Her two adult children and their mates, husband, and big fluffy dog bring her great joy when at home in Mill Valley, California, where she has lived for over 25 years and enjoys gardening, writing and hiking Mt. Tamalpais. 

— My Commitment —
I am a stand for us all to access essential wisdom and the determination of our wills to create a world where the forces of the heart are balanced with the drive for accomplishment, a world where we honor the unique gifts and talents of individuals and weave them into coherent wise collective efforts, a world where we hold the earth’s natural cycles in great regard and work toward a peaceful and creative relationship among all peoples, and a world where beauty is revered.
— Karen Wilhelm Buckley