Levels of Organizational Consulting

Are you an executive, team or emerging leaders ready to reinvent yourself, design breakthrough change or develop extraordinary leadership? We often partner with our clients for many years as they innovate, exceed performance expectations, and transform limits into opportunities. After getting to know your situation and overall intention we might work with you on any or all of the following levels.

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Assess your organization

Assess current vitality, strengths and directions for improvement. We candidly assess what diminishes effectiveness and appreciatively highlight the best. The result is an honest appraisal, an objective picture of what’s working and what needs to change, in the context of your desired future.

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Build a compelling vision

Weave emerging and existing vision elements to create a compelling statement of company purpose and future direction. A collaborative process articulates core values and shapes a resonant mission everyone owns.

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Develop generative plans

Through a unique blend of technique and insight, we work with you to develop a plan that defines priorities and develops strategy for improved relationships, culture, collaboration, customer service and team performance throughout the organization.

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Accelerate appreciative leadership

Develop leadership that discovers and reinforces the best of “what is.” Learn how to highlight what works, seek what gives life to a system, discover habits that build success and ask questions that value innovative thinking and accelerate organizational capacity.  

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Build high performing teams

Strengthen the ability of key staff to be part of and build motivated teams that communicate and collaborate to innovate, solve intractable problems and accomplish stellar results.  

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Increase organizational learning

Design a learning system, so that everyone engages in continual improvement. As vital information is shared, the organization becomes increasingly self-regulating and responsive to future opportunities.

Karen guided us through the leadership transition associated with my retirement.  As engineers, we did not fully appreciate the complexity and subtlety associated with implementing our leadership succession plan. Communicore consulting and executive coaching developed the necessary leadership bench strength within our management team. Equally important, Karen kept the firm leaders focused on the value of communicating with our staff, including them in the change process and creating a shared vision for the future of the firm. Karen knew how and when to push us forward, as well as when to allow us time for our thinking to evolve and our learning to take root.

Because of our work together, we have a new Managing Principal in place along with a solid principal team.  I am now confident in the ongoing success of the firm as I approach retirement.
— Greg Swaffar, Former President, Summit Engineering, Inc.