Key to a Woman's Success

As a woman leader, what does it take to launch, develop, and advance in your career or business and contribute in a big way to your organization’s success? What if wise feminine leadership is the key?

Do you spend your days:

  • Producing results and performing on constricting & sometimes impossible time lines

  • Delivering the results you are accountable for after a day of meetings

  • Convincing the higher ups of the merits of a change that isn’t provable on the spreadsheet

  • Navigating the shifting sands of changing leadership and tighter budgets

  • Managing a difficult boss or discontented employee

  • Navigating brutal office politics to avoid devastating personal impact

  • Seeking integrity in work/life balance

  • Yearning for personal feelings of fulfillment

What if your feminine wisdom is the missing element to all this and more? Why? Because it is the source of your natural authority – of knowing that you are “right” inside. Not right vs someone else being wrong. Just right – ok as you are – a sufficient starting point for what you want to do in the world.

What happens without it? In the last year I’ve spoken at the Linkage Women in Leadership Conference, Women’s International Networking Conference, and the Global Women’s Summit and a majority of managers and leaders reported that without their feminine wisdom they:

  • doubt themselves

  • feel shaky

  • get confused

  • try to be “more” which takes a lot of effort

  • feel tired, exhausted, burnt out

  • narrow focus and tighten shoulders

  • lack power in their voice

We all know this inner essential self. I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t know this grounded powerful place inside where they feel the depth of their inner knowing. It’s delicious!

How about you? How do you find and seat yourself in your feminine wisdom? How do you settle into and express yourself from that potent WiseCore that lives inside of you?

We are enjoying beautiful fall weather in northern California with long windy hikes. I hope that you find many times that nourish wisdom and joy in your day.


P.S. The Next Octave Women’s Leadership Program applications are now available. Isn’t it time to nurture your feminine wisdom in a supportive circle of other women peers?