Shifting your Business into Momentum

Ever tried to blow up a brand new balloon? You know how it’s a lot easier to blow up a balloon that’s a little bit blown up than it is to blow up a balloon that is brand new or totally deflated? It’s the same with business momentum.

First, what is your business Goal for the year? Is it to double the size of your existing business (Stage 5) or to develop your portfolio and self-confidence (Stage 2)? [Jan 2, 2010 blog explores the stages] Ready, set, write it down! Be conservative or make it BIG. Whatever feels realistic & doable…but barely – make it also a stretch.

When your goal builds on What is So you’ll start to take actions that build your self worth, instead of beating yourself up. The truth will free up your creativity and energy! You’ll feel smarter, more capable, and hopeful.

Notice what momentum you do have to get more momentum! Give yourself that gift and you’ll start to discover something deep and true and alive that is beautiful – your feminine wisdom!

Now share your goal for the year with 5 others (not just your loving husband/wife or best friend!) There is a lot of power in saying it out loud.

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