Two Doorways to Losing Power - which do you walk through?

Who is a woman without her feminine wisdom? To be provocative, what about if a woman without her feminine wisdom acts like a bitch or a bimbo? Neither one is powerful over time. Both of these are doorways into less effectiveness, more conflicts, and open us to all kinds of unintended ripples affecting everyone around us.

We all know women who somedays act like bitches or bimbos, whether they are moms, co-workers, or bosses (or some days, we might be as we act out an aberrant sub personality of our own) it’s obvious which routine they (or we) are running – bitch or bimbo. What they have in common is that they generally make life miserable for themselves and for others.  Both carry denigrating overtones in the way they speak and act – denigrating to others and to themselves. Let’s explore this further.

What does a bitch spend her time doing? She’s blaming, lashing out, criticizing, dismissing and making others wrong.  A bitch can be belligerent, unreasonable, rude, or aggressive.

How about a bimbo? While she might be physically attractive, she makes herself appear helpless, weakly dependent, unintelligent. A bimbo acts like she is unable to act effectively for herself, defenseless and in need of rescue or help.

Do they make an impact? Yes! But, not the kind of contribution that fashions a better world. Can they be leaders? Yes, but it’s not easy to follow them.

Luckily none of us behave this way all the time. When we are centered mindfully in our wisdom we are feminine and wise using the power of our gentleness, the strength of our love, and the clarity of our insight to thrive. Everyone flourishes. This woman is a joy to be around with a lovely ability to discern what really matters. Her keen intellect designs smart strategies and her passion for accomplishment convenes high performance teams.

In the recent film My Week with Marilyn (worth seeing BTW), Marilyn Monroe is primarily portrayed as a bitch or bimbo. Only the young man sees the wisdom in her complete, right, and beautiful interior. Yet, in his youth, he misses her intelligence and commitment, as often happens when masculine values dominate and diminish the “rightness” of women’s ways. We have a job to do to identify and amplify the wisdom of women.

Who are the women in your life who are wise? Which door do you choose?

The wise women I know ask questions to wake others up to who they are and who they are becoming. They are empowering women leaders. Informed, judicious, prudent, and in-sync with the natural world, they express themselves without a domination, sticky attachment or a power-tripping ego.

One wise woman (who constantly reminds me to slow down!) is a teacher to me. Her vital spirit, physical body, emotional sensitivity, and intellectual perspectives all work together in harmony with the rhythms of rising and falling, birthing and dying. She works hard at times and completely relaxes at others. Her joy is contagious. Her sense of integrity springs from her truthfulness, personal honor, and the clear principles by which she lives. Her great sense of compassion touches my heart. I love to be around her!

Two questions: 

How would you describe a wise woman in your life? What does she teach you?

Can you see through the bitch or bimbos in your life into the center of their wisdom? How do you help them cultivate that instead?