Get Your Twinkle Back

I know. It’s that time of year. Crazy. Chaos. Yet, we love it. But, how can we possibly find time for a much needed pause in the midst of our fast-paced multi-tasking?

When everyone is racing around and trying to be Santa’s and perfect hosts, while finishing year end projects and business financials it’s hard to remember to connect – with ourselves. To feel just how good things are. To re-build our confidence. To get our twinkle back. 

This is also a really powerful time to get together with friends.

This year I held a Winter Solstice gathering. I invited a dozen or so friends to get together. They loved it! (and invited their friends!)

Here’s what we did. Feel free to use this design as it is or modify as you want to add depth and breadth to your gathering and bring a bit more light into your New Year. From a spiral into the darkness of what didn’t work in 2014, celebrate what is wonderful, growing and emerging in this new year.

Here are the questions and steps you can use to add depth and breadth to any holiday that feels too superficial.

Give it a try! I can’t wait to hear how you got your twinkle back!

Silence (3-5 minutes) – each person brings themselves into their own center, quieting into their breath

Inclusion – each person speaks their name and a virtue they brought forth in the past year

Silence – feeling our connection to each other and to our larger community

Releasing the Past – Question: “What is one behavior or pattern that you repeated over and over this past year that kept you trapped in an old place?” Speak to one person then share it with the group.

Silence – Feeling positive love and respect for yourself and the others in the group.

Creating a New Future – Question: “What is emerging in your life or work that, with a little extra attention, could gain momentum? What matters the most to you?” (BTW: This is not goal setting from your mind – it’s sensing through your body, listening to your Wise Core, and noticing what makes your heart sing.) Speak to one person in pairs then everyone share with the group.

Silence – Reconnect with positive regard for yourself and others. Join hands and affirm that this shall be so for you and the world.

We all got our twinkle back! We left with relaxed smiles, new-found confidence, glowing and ready. Quite a contrast to our rushed, tight, “can’t believe how much I still have to do” distress when we arrived! We stopped clutching expectations of perfection and slipped into the magic of new possibilities.

Give it a try! I can’t wait to hear what happened. In my next blog I’ll share the story of a”turning point” that happened to me in the midst of yoga. It’s one of those times where I lost my twinkle and got it back.