Pure Joy

This morning I saw an auspicious sign for the new year.  As I write, I gaze out the window, engaged with the liveliness of my wild garden. Up the street, beyond the tall hedges, oaks, and cypress, a tall redwood towers.

Just after dawn, a large white egret flew through the tree tops to the grand redwood. My fingers left the keyboard as her claws gripped the tippy top and she opened her wings into the wind. How does she stay on?

Dancing, ducking, swaying she meets the wind, wings wide, beak open with what looks like pure joy. She is gorgeous! 30 minutes later she’s still there when I need to tear myself away.

A lot has been written on 2019 – omens of disaster and significant, fast paced changes. I’m reminded of a time many years ago when I was afraid about the impending birth of one of my children. A wise woman told me that while I couldn’t control what would ultimately happen, I could meet the situation with a full and open heart.

May we meet the winds with joy in 2019 and find many moments of heartfelt happiness in this new year.

May we meet the challenges of our world with a full and open heart, kindling the wise leadership we need to make a difference.