Every Woman has Something Wise to Say

Over the years hundreds of women were my teachers.  They taught me that every wisewoman has something she wants to say. She’s got a voice because she cares. When she listens to the wisdom of her heart, something really matters to her whether in the backyard with the kids, in a company as part of the senior management team, or holding political office – she is ready to speak up.

Culturally trained to be apologetic and uncertain, women don’t always value what they know deep inside. We compare ourselves unfavorably to other women and men with demeaning self-talk that our progress, our contribution is not enough…and never will be enough.

Yet, every time we speak up, put out what we think, it has a positive effect, unless of course we are speaking to someone not willing and ready to hear. Then we need to make that fundamental decision – is this mine to say, is it to this person at this time? If yes, then figure out how to say it without making the other person wrong or joining in the status games of one-up/one-down; who is in/who is out. In my experience, truth may not be pleasant, but it does stand on it’s own as an authentic perspective.

The key is right place, right time, deep connection with what really matters. Personal power ensues. Not power over – power with. An invitation to make a positive difference in the world, now, when we are so dearly needed on all fronts.

There is not a tax on the number of words we are allowed to use nor an open door to talk nonstop. When we link wisdom with our core values – we become wise leaders creating bridges for others, and/or just plain stating what needs to be said as the alchemists we are sometimes called to be.

What are you called to say? To whom? When?

Do it. With love.

On March 29th, 4pmPT / 7pm ET I’ll be in the next Conversations with Remarkable Women with Beth Greer – Huffington Post columnist, mom, and intelligent wise woman with critical information on health in our homes.