If There is Anything the World Needs, it is Wisdom

“If there is anything the world needs, it is wisdom. Without it, I exaggerate not at all in saying that very soon, there may be no world, or at least none with humans populating it.” 
Robert J. Sternberg, Wisdom, Intelligence, and Creativity.

The task of our times is to express wisdom in the way we speak and act every day. As Dr. Sternberg says in the quote above, without more wisdom, we are on an increasingly challenging trajectory for all humans as well as all the two-legged, four-legged, winged and finned creatures on this planet.

How can we grow our wisdom? By mindfully placing our attention on living wisely as we center and recenter our lives around what matters most.

Putting our focus, vital energy and resources behind what we hear when we listen to our wise internal voice can change the course of our lives, one wise step and then another. Listening to this voice, we can discover our true priorities.

Listen. Open space to hear. What matters the most to you?

When we make what really matters a priority we schedule the time now. We make a promise to our selves, as we would to anyone else. We keep our commitments.

It’s hard some days. So much more calls for our attention.

Steven Covey, made the point “The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

Start this week, this month, today. Listen carefully to what matters most to you. What are the priorities that will get you where you want to go, or fashion the contribution you most want to make.

When we create the conditions for our wise selves to flourish – we ask what is missing, instead of judging how far we’ve come. Do we need a focused design session or a series of great conversations? More time out of doors or “cave time” in a quiet calm room? When we give ourselves what is missing our wisdom will grow.

This morning, I’ll cultivate my wisdom as I take the dog on a favorite trail, watch the sun rise, welcoming the early morning bird calls, clear off my desk (!) and tell my husband that I love him. Then, I’ll put a good chunk of time into creating my upcoming webinar on Next Octave Leadership. This material is compelling to me! I really care that it gets out.

How do you support your wisdom to flourish? What will your day include?

Thursday, 4:00pm PT/7:00pm ET I’ll interview Beth Greer, wise woman extraordinaire, HuffPost columnist, mom, activist, dynamic speaker and author to learn about exposure to toxins in our homes and how easy and wise it is to clear the air.