Step Up and Into This Year

Would you like to discover goals that matter, real desires and what is possible for 2012 in your business? Step up and out of the usual way of setting goals into this visioning exercise. Prepare to be surprised by the results.

Take 5 minutes and answer this question: “If you woke up tomorrow morning and your work day was 100% improved, what would be different? How would you know it was 100% improved?

Dive in even deeper: What would your day feel, taste, look like, smell, sound like? What would be your rhythm or pace?”

When I tried this out for 3 days over the holiday break, my 5 minutes of writing painted a picture, woke up my dreamer, shook up my complacency. I’ve led leaders and teams to answer this question dozens of times. They tap into what they really want.

In answering, I discovered that I really like writing in the mornings. My work day would be 100% improved if I blocked off 3 mornings a week to write.

Identify an action or two that came out of your reflections and specify when you will take that action.

I’ll start this week. How about you?

One step at a time is how we move from nothing to something, from an empty page to a mind that is full of ideas. Let your dreamer lead for 5 minutes each day this week. You may discover some new momentum.

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