3 Ways to Rebuild Confidence

When we don’t feel confident it is hard to start to feel confident. It’s a downward pull that can be like quicksand.

Caught in pessimistic, fatalistic, or harmful thoughts negative thoughts and feelings build on each other into a downward spiral.

We rebuild confidence by reconnecting with our smartest, wisest, best self to get unstuck and into a positive momentum. These 3 questions can stop the whirling mind.

  1. Right now, what do I know to be true? (That way I stop fantasizing, fearing, worrying, hoping)

  2. Right now, what am I curious about? (Curiosity is a great strength – it opens the door to new ways to see the same old thing)

  3. When did I feel centered, strong and in-balance this week? (Describe the time to yourself or someone else – remembering the feelings of that time can help you reclaim and amplify them right now)

These 3 questions work. We used them personally and for years in Executive Coaching, women’s retreats, women’s leadership programs and consulting with teams. Guaranteed.

Sit down, take a breath, and answer them. Give yourself 5 minutes today, and another tomorrow. Invite a friend or colleague to help you re-find your confidence by coming back into the here and now.

Whirling in the past or the future we feel ineffective. In this moment, so much more is possible.